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The Clean and Healthy Beauty Guide to Tanning

The concept of tanning has evolved since when it began as purely a means to achieve a more aesthetically appealing skin tone, and to avoid looking excessively pale. Now, it has become a practice for the maintenance of healthy and luscious skin, while still maintaining desirability as an aesthetic practice.

Self tanning is not the same as it once was, due to the advent of technology and salons which now feature the best in tanning treatments. Salons such as European Tan are leading the way towards a tanning revolution, and encouraging people to not just look good, but feel good as well!

A Healthy Tanning Guide for Gorgeous Golden Beauty

While it may be simpler than ever to get a tan, there are some before and after care procedures that should be followed. This is necessary if you are to keep your tan looking and feeling great for long after you step outside the salon.

To that end, following are some pre and post-tanning skincare tips which will aid in tan longevity, while maintaining the newly emerged golden beauty as prominently as possible!


The tanning lotion needs to absorb well into the skin, which brings about the necessity for good cleansing both before and after the tanning procedure. Cleansing could mean a shower with a mild soap, or if your skin type demands, a more thorough soap cleanse. For after care, it is better to not go for the cleanse until after you have moisturized, which brings us to the second tip.


The tanning lotion will moisturize the skin due to its natural properties. However, after it has been absorbed into the skin, you will need to moisturize once again in order to lock in the golden sheen. If you are using a tanning bed, it is a good idea to moisturize immediately after you are done with the procedure, since the UV rays used in tanning beds can dry out the skin to some extent. This brings us to the next tip.


Your skin needs water and moisture if it is to stay healthy and resemble the epitome of beauty! This is why it is important to drink lots of water both before and after going for the tanning session. Showering can also help restore some of the lost moisture, although water when consumed orally works best.

Tanning Intervals

Remember that no matter how good the treatment is, or how technologically advanced the tanning equipment; human skin always needs some rest and recuperation after a tanning session, due to the Vitamin D and UV exposure. This is why it is best to have 24 hours between treatments.

European Tan: Fostering a Culture of Color

Facilities such as European Tan, in Draper, Utah, are paving the way forward in terms of aesthetic beauty standards which are healthy as well as effective. The concept of ‘culture of color’ rings true here, since European Tan has proven time and time again to be the leader in terms of tanning technologies on offer, as well as solutions that provide lasting beauty.

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