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Here is what people are saying about European Tan:


My tanning expert today was Tasha, and she is the best ever! She always takes care of me! Euro never disappoints, you guys are awesome. And it’s always so clean!

– Courtney Taylor

My experience was Great!!! it’s so clean and comfortable. The staff is great! the gal that helped me was Kira! she is wonderful.

My experience today was pleasant. Bri assisted me with a smile and is always so pleasant.  Thank you European tan.

Dida love her she knows my name every time I walk and customer service is paramount.

****HIGHLY RECOMMENDED**** By far the best tanning salon I have ever been to. Viktoriya at the downtown location taught me so much about different types of tanning rays, skin types, and lotions. I never thought there was that much science involved. Now I know that there are certain things I can do and apply that will prolong my color, as well as my skins overall health and appearance.

Thank You!!!!!

I love this place. Always so willing to help with whatever. I hadn’t been in awhile but my favorite associate is Tanner. He’s great!! And I’m not sure the girls name who helped me last night but she noticed I had a bunch of credits and stuff to upgrade. Beds and salon are always clean. I have used ALL of my referral cards because I love this place so much. Thanks guys!

– Kariel S.

Excellent!!! love the place. Jessi H. assisted me… smiles and great greeting!

You ladies are the best! You always make my friend Liz and I feel welcome! I will never go to the Foothill location again because you ladies are the best!

– Carina

Came in last night October 15th and Jess was working, I have to say this was the best experience I have ever had coming in over the last 2 years. She was so friendly and helpful! She for sure is the best staff member I have ever interacted with.

I always have the best experience with Kira! She makes you feel so welcome and I’m always convinced by her reviews of sunless tan products (oops, bye $$!), she really knows what she’s talking about!

My experience was great! Jessica reminded me how the sunless spray machine worked since it had been awhile since my last visit. She even sold me on a package session and I got a free goodie bag. All in all I had a great experience and will be returning 🙂

– Marion Brimhall

I honestly don’t know the name of the man who assisted me today.(Possibly the owner) The service was, as has always been the case, courteous friendly & prompt. I do know the names of two employees who are exceptional. Jess & Lauren are both personable. knowledgeable and always greet your guests with a smile and hello and for some we’re spoken to on a first name basis. My experience @ EuropeanTan has always been positive. Thank you for the good job you do . You guys get it !

– Randy Swingley

Kira, Again 10 out of 10!
Helpful, charming and remembered me from 5 months ago, which made me feel welcome. Bed spotless, and all very efficient in and out in under 20 minutes total.
Thank you again,

– Peter

My experience today was great starting with being greeted by bubbly, always happy, kind, friendly Jess! I upgraded to a level 3 today on Revolution and it seems to provide me with the nicest and longest lasting color.

– Cari Gonzalez

This was the best time yet… Your employee “Jess” it’s by far the best employee you’ve had working there!!! I didn’t even KNOW about your leg tabbe tanning bed until she told me ( she’s really happy too).

– Benny Kingdson

I had a very good experience at the salon on Saturday, October 3. Shelby was very friendly and knowledgeable about the products. She made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. Facilities were clean and so were the booths. Love European tan.

Just wanted to let you know how awesome your girls are at the Draper location. I had only had my membership for a few weeks, but every time I come in, they are always so friendly, so helpful, so informative of your products and seem to overall love their jobs. It is such a change from the salon I used to go to (Electric Beach). Their girls had no personality and made you feel bad for interrupting their time.

So THANK YOU for running a business that is so enjoyable to be a part of!

– Mikala Farrington

Megan helped me pick out the best lotion. She took about 40 minutes to explain the benefits of each lotion and I am so happy with my product. She also always remembers my name, and makes me feel welcome. She’s my favorite employee. Kind regards,

– Taylor Dove

Was very good to be back, all 10 out of 10, including Ashley who efficiently got my account rebooted and a tanning bed ready. With a good sense of humour and a winning smile.
Thank you.

– Peter Silvester

I just wanted to let you know what great employees you have. I am sure you have already heard this though. We have had the honor of working with both of your “Jess’s”. Each of them make you feel like a millon bucks as soon as you walk through the door. We have really enjoyed coming to your salon. Their customer service is excellent. Please let them know how much we have enjoyed them.

Just a bit about what I do for a living, I am a “red coat” out at Delta airlines and I deal with people who have either missed their flights or for some other reason they are upset. I wish I had “a Jess” for all of my employees.

Thanks for a great experience!

– Kirk and Paula

I had a great experience. The women at the desk was super nice and told me about your packages. (Jess?) I bought 4 and will definitely be back. The machine also dried me so well. I love spray tans and they have been lasting a very long time. Very happy and as a new customer it’s been lovely to come to a happy and clean environment.

I would like to say that Jess made my tanning experience at European tan that much better! I was skeptical about tanning lotions and finally decided I would spend the money and get one. She picked the perfect match for my skin type and for what I was trying to accomplish. Thank you!!

– Lavi Bray

Great service and I love the misting bed!

Hello, My name is Dustin Peer and I have been a happy customer of European tan for a little while. The reason for the email is that I believe in formally acknowledging good customer service. I have tanned at a few of your locations. However, I have been especially impressed with the manager Natasha and the rest of the associates at the downtown location. I am always greeted with a warm hello and smile, they always go out of their way to answer any questions and resolve any concerns I might have. Good, genuine customer service is rare and highly valued in my opinion and I just wanted to share that with you. Thank You

– Dustin Peer

I’ve always liked to tan, but it wasn’t until I found European Tan that I really fell in love with tanning. I never have the worries I had visiting other salons, about cleanliness or staff knowledge. I’ve enjoyed every visit, at every location and the Versa spa is unbeatable as far as spray tanning goes. I’m a client for life.

– Heather Fogel

European Tan is wonderful… not only do they have the best spray tan, they have great customer service too.

– Priscilla Chesnut

I have to say i LOVE this salon, the girls are all so amazing!I want to make a shout out to Jess, she really knows her stuff and is just genuine! Every single time i come in she ask how i am doing and actually cares, she doesn’t just ask to ask.  It blows me away how educated all the staff is on the beds and lotions, i walked in and had NO CLUE.  thank goodness you girls do. I am a lifer, you guys rock!!!

European Tan has great customer service, their spray tan doesn’t turn you orange and they have way good prices for their unlimited monthly.

– Heather Hansen

I love European Tan, they have the friendliest staff and they are the cleanest salon I’ve been to. Love them!

– Brandi Baker

European Tan makes tanning easy and stress free. It is a great place; clean, great customer service and friendly. I am a life long customer.

– Kristine Christenson

European Tan’s Highland location is very friendly. They answer all your questions about products and are very knowledgeable. I’ve also used the downtown location and both are very clean and inviting. I definitely recommend European Tan over other salons I’ve been to.

– Elizabeth Johnson

European Tan is the best salon around! With their different locations, it makes it easier to get my tan on wherever I am around town! Euro has the best beds around, their bulbs are always fresh, so I’m always getting color, and they have a huge variety of products! The biggest thing that keeps me coming back is their customer service. They’re always happy, knowledgeable, they greet me by name with a smile every time! Thanks European Tan for being my tanning salon!

– Jenn Dillman

Just a note to let you know how much I LOVE European Tan and the staff. Being fair skinned, I was reluctant about using the tanning beds but Paula with her expertise, counseled me and showed me which high pressure bed to use to obtain my golden tan and it worked! Paula and Tara then suggested the mystic tan which has now become a weekly thing for me to keep an even nice tone.
I live quite a distance from European Tan but because of the great customer service and personal touch I receive there, let alone the clean, organized atmosphere, I will keep going back.
Thank you European Tan and staff, you are the BEST!!!

– Amber P

When I signed up for my tanning pass I was a little hesitant and nervous. Tara did a great job to make me feel right at home! Her expertise and knowledge really made me feel comfortable and safe. Any time I have had a question or concern the staff has always helped me out in any way possible. The mystic tanning that European Tanning provides is top notch, quick and easy. Probably the most natural spray tan you can get in the valley! All and all I would say I’m more then satisfied with my experiences with Tara and the rest of the staff at European Tanning!
Thanks again,

– Shane Richardson

I love this location! [DOWNTOWN] Everyone is so friendly and always willing to help me find the best options. I feel like those that have seen me once always remember me and it is refreshing to have that kind of customer service.


– Megan M.

Outstanding customer service. Superlative product (P90). The best value for the money. Thank you for having the same quality product as I find at the studios I go to in Paris, Milan, Munich, NY, LA, and SF.

Kudos EU Tan.

Simply put, you guys rock.

– Rebecca J.

I moved here a couple months ago from California, and your Highland location happened to be right next door to my Apt. I have received nothing but amazing service every time I have gone in there. The 2 girls that work there are so helpful and nice, I can’t explain how much better that makes the experience. Also coming from California, and working at a tanning salon for 4 years, this is by far the nicest salon I have ever been to.
Thanks again,

– Taryn Hill

Hi Mindi,
I enjoyed our talk this evening. Also, I appreciated that you asked for my comments as a European Tanning client. I have been a loyal client for 5 years now and believe me I have tried other salons.
I only tan at European Tanning because it’s the best salon. I have a great example for you why I won’t tan anywhere else. The salon, where I go to get pedicures and manicures they also have tanning beds. On day while getting a pedicure I sat and watched how they clean their beds are cleaned after a client was done using them. I was shocked and very disgusted.
The girl only wiped the bottom of the bed where you lay, not the sides or the top of the bed. Gross! A client had just used that bed and had sweated in it. I won’t lie, I’m a sweater… The thought of laying in someone else body fluids and sweat is not appealing. Ewww!!
That image has stayed with me. The owner of the salon, who does my nails, had offered to me a complimentary tan before and I just can’t do. I politely tell her I have lotion on that could damage her bed.
Also, I tan at European because it is always sanitary; they are a variety of beds to choose from and above all professionalism. Should I have questions on what lotion would be best for my skin or color results I am trying to achieve, I get knowledgeable information. That’s invaluable.
To me, tanning is my 10 minuets of warmth, peace and quiet. It’s my time. What more could a girl ask for?
Happily Tan,

– Britney Wilkinson

Hi Mindi,
I just want you to know that I have really enjoyed coming to European Tanning. It is kind of my time to wind down from the day and relax. The warm and knowledgeable staff has been nothing short of fabulous and all of the products that they have suggested have made my skin look & feel better than ever! Thank you for running such a beautiful salon and taking so much pride in the quality of the service you provide. It makes such a difference in the lives of those who love to tan.
Kindest Regards,

– Chauntel

I have been a VIP member of European Tanning now for over a year. I am a frequent visit to all 3 locations and the staff at all 3 are great. I have recommended European Tanning to all my friends and will continue to do so. The cost is great, the staff is great, and the results are great.

– Staci Morris

Out of all tanning salons that I have been to, European Tan is by far the best! The knowledge of the staff is second to none.
Frank Pula

I have enjoyed my experience with European Tan. They have great product knowledge with the lotions. Tara’s personal knowledge in progressing my base color was fantastic! I have been very impressed with my results! Thanks.

– Wayne Farnsworth
24 hour fitness manager

I live in South Jordan and drive to the State Street Store. Their beds are awesome. I love the Bravo Bed… I always get such great color from that bed! I have always had a good experience at European Tanning. I also get my facials and eyebrows done from Trisha, she is the “BEST” She is the only one that I would trust to do anything to my face!!! She is really educated at what she does.. she knows her stuff! I would reccomend European Tanning to everyone. It’s a great place to tan….and get facials!!!

– Tiffany Defa

Three weeks ago I walked into European Tan hoping to get a little color for my up coming trip to Hawaii. I had not used a tanning bed for years because I am fair skinned I was very nervous of getting a burn. Paula assured me that she would get me tan and she did just that it was pain less. I can’t say enough about the service I received from Paula and the staff at European Tan they have exceed my expectations I would highly recommend any one to go see them I know that you will be pleased.

– Rose Tencza

I have had a membership with European Tan for a year. My membership is for the Mystic Tan. This type of tanning fits my life style, as I can call ahead and make an appointment that fits into my schedule. I especially like that I can be in and out very quickly, and I can choose my color level. I can have a tan immediately, or within hours. My tan will last several days. The employees at European Tan are very helpful and will go the extra mile to make sure their customers are happy and taken care of in a professional manner. KUDOS’ to the staff a European Tan.

– Sherrie Spencer

Dear European Tan, I’ve been tanning for over 15 years and I must say YOUR tanning salon has been the best so far. Everyone is polite, knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. I have to say I made a great choice for a place to enjoy my tan. And I’m here to stay! 🙂

– Sheryal B

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