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High Pressure

High Pressure Equipment

Matrix & Saturn

The most non-claustrophobic tanning equipment on the market today. They are called high pressure because the small high pressure tanning lamps they are equipped with produce more output than any conventional tube tanning bed. However, the high pressure lamps filter out the more intense UVB rays to give you faster and longer lasting results. Extreme comfort and ultimate luxury, these beds are our most popular for obvious reasons. Zero to tan in as little as 3 visits!

  • These are our most popular beds
  • 10x stronger than our VIPs
  • Your tan will last up to 4 x longer
  • Filters out 98% of UVB rays (burning ray)
  • Only takes 3-5 sessions to achieve a deep, dark, base tan
  • Only takes 3-4 sessions a month to maintain a golden brown base tan
  • 12 minute maximum exposure time
  • 360 degrees tanning unit for better color coverage

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