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7 Secrets to a Flawless Sunless Tan

7 secrets_sunless tanning
There is a great feeling that comes with achieving that perfect tan.  But what is the perfect tan?  Depending on who you ask, the answer will surely vary.  Some will tell you it’s a deep bronze color, for others it will be a natural color that makes them look and feel thinner.  Whatever your “perfect” tan consists of, European Tan wants to help you achieve it.  Here are 7 tips to consider when working towards your perfect tan.

  1. Using the right equipment.There is a reason there are a variety of tanning beds. European Tan has 5 different U.V. beds which each have certain benefits and features.  Your skin type and the level of tan you currently have will have a great effect on the outcome of your indoor tanning.  Higher end beds like the high pressure beds can be 10-times stronger than the traditional style beds.  They also help your tan last longer and can filter out as much as 98% of the UVB rays (the ones that will burn you).  The right bed can also improve your ability to get full 360 degree coverage for a more balanced and even tan.
  2. Using the right lotions and moisturizers before and after tanning. Many people think that promoting various tanning lotions, creams and moisturizers is just a ploy by the tanning company to sell more stuff to its members.  In reality, this may be the most important part of the tanning process.  The specialty lotions massively help you achieve the type of color and level of darkness you are shooting for.  They also help protect your skin and keep you from burning.  They also have a major impact on the lasting effect of your tan.  Fortunately at European Tan, we have a really knowledgeable staff who can help guide you through the many different lotions and moisturizers to help you achieve the exact tan you are working towards.
  3. Safety Tips. There are many warnings and precautions necessary to make sure you get the most healthy and effective tan possible.  Proper eye wear is a must when doing U.V. tanning.  At European Tan we always have eye wear available and insist it is worn during your tanning sessions.  As mentioned before, the better equipment will help filter out more of the UVB rays, reducing burning and helping you achieve a safer tan.  Also the proper use of moisturizers and creams is an important part of the process as well.  Not just for the final outcome of color but also for allowing maximum absorption of vitamin D and other healthy benefits you receive from tanning.
  4. Building a regular schedule of maintenance will not only help you achieve a great tan, but it also helps you keep a consistent look year round.  Most of our customers love to do some outdoor tanning during the summer months, but will still keep a light indoor tanning schedule just to help maintain a full body tan.  It’s much easier to maintain a great tan with some regular maintenance than it is to have to re-start a tanning program from scratch.
  5. Knowing Your Skin Tone and Tanning Capabilities. European Tan works hard to educate our team members so they can be a valuable resource to you when starting a tanning program.  There are many different skin types and skin tones and each needs a different strategy when it comes to tanning.  In addition, each person has different goals or tanning objectives.  Talk with us when you visit for your next tanning session so we can help you put an effective plan together and end up with the perfect tan for you.
  6. Avoid Uneven Tanning. Depending on where you do your indoor tanning, this can be a difficult task.  European Tan purchases the very best tanning beds from all over the world to help insure that you don’t get tan lines or uneven tanning.  Obviously the better beds do a better job with this, like the Matrix, Saturn and Magic high pressure beds.  But even our VIP beds are of such quality that you do not experience these types of challenges.  Low end equipment found at some of the other salons can certainly cause some concern for getting an even tan.
  7. Not OVER Doing It. Last but not least, is just to follow the proper time schedule with the duration of your tanning session and the frequency of your tanning.  Our team members will certainly help you put a proper schedule together so you can enjoy the ultimate success on a schedule that makes sense for your goals and budget.

European Tan welcomes you to come in a talk with us and help us understand your tanning objectives and goals so we may be able to customize a plan just for you.  We know you will love our friendly staff and appreciate the great lengths we gone through to bring you the best equipment in Utah.

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